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turf membership

Membership is limited, there will be spots sold yearly.
Membership spots are sold every year; 25 spots for Individuals, 10 spots for Families and 5 spots for Corporate bodies. When elected, we expect prospects to agree to be bound by the rules of the Club and any bylaws made or to be made in accordance therewith. Turf Membership is not canvassed and when accepted, is valid for 1 year only. Payment is non-refundable.

Gold Membership

Our Gold Members are high profile individuals and individuals who have self-worth and love to indulge in the luxuries of life.

Benefits of Gold Membership include use of our club house facilities at no extra charge, plus 2 guests or friends, VIP invitation to our exclusive events, discounts among other benefits

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Purple Membership

Our Purple Members are well-knit families who love to spend time together, dine, wine together and enjoy leisurely activities together.

Benefits of Purple Membership include use of our club house facilities plus 1 guest family, VIP priority access entry [no waiting under any circumstances], unaccompanied access for family and 3 guest families from Friday to Sunday, discounts among other benefits.

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Corporate Membership

Our Corporate Members are top-notch organizations whether public or private who wish to get the best of their retreats, seminars and end of year parties.

Benefits of Corporate Membership include use of our club house facilities without any extra charges for staff of member organisation, group discount, accompanied access for staff and family or 4 friends from Friday to Sunday among other benefits.

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