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At the Turf, every element embodies luxury lifestyle and philosophies of nature, promising to take care of the guests' every need. Located away from the city, Abraka Turf and Country Club has at its heart, the essential ingredients that define nature's wellbeing.
With our 'bespoke' catering services, we provide the quintessential gastronomic delight to you.

Exotic locations include The Savanna, The Pier by the River Ethiope, The Bar on the Stable, The Green Tree Stretch by the Tennis court, The BBQ Courtyard, Pedalo on The Lake. By The Pool, The Rooftop Terrace, The Gazebo or on the Island of Lake Albert.

A perfect destination for events ranging from Corporate Retreats, Seminars, Workshops and Conventions, Group Tours and Safaris, School Camps, Excursions, Team Sport Camps, Weddings, Honeymoon and Anniversaries, Birthday Parties and Private Parties, Concerts, Fashion Shows, Chieftancy Title Celebrations, Burials, Vacations and Holidays, we provide one of the finest events consultancy to your budget.

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